The other day, in the midst of a disagreement with my loving husband, he pointed out the act of complaining. Reality check, I was complaining (too much). And then he asked how often I hear him complain. After really thinking about it, I realized — he doesn’t. He has a dangerous, stressful career and sees & hears more things on a daily basis than most of us will ever see & hear in our lives. Yet, he doesn’t come home and bitch about it. When I want to go on a tangent about something now, I find myself thinking about how rarely he complains, and the thought alone slaps me back into place. (Don’t get me wrong, we all need to vent sometimes!)

This also got me thinking about how incredibly tiring constant complainers really are and how much it can bring down the mood of those who have to listen to it. Nobody wants to hear about how horrible [you think] the petty things in your life are. It’s depressing. And, we all know someone who will wear their grumpy-pants around anyone near them just because they are having a bad day… (oh no, the printer broke down and you couldn’t print your files or you got caught behind a slow driver — get over it!)

complain less.

So, yesterday, we were totally domestic (which is the norm as of late) and went bed shopping (hello, marshmallow-soft Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe that will be arriving at our house tomorrow!) and made a trip to a local garden center to look for trees. We’ve been talking about getting trees to line the back lot line of our yard all summer and just hadn’t made the leap to do it until yesterday. As we walked down row after row of evergreens, spruces, and arborvitae trees, with no expertise help, I caught myself complaining in my head, “Ugh, this sucks”. Almost as soon as the thought entered my mind, I looked around and saw how beautiful it was outside, and felt the warm September sun on my face, with a baby in my belly, as I walked hand-in-hand with the man who means the world to me. Suddenly I realized that this was just another adventure in our short time together on this earth. When will we ever have to buy seven two-foot tall spruce trees for our back yard again? Probably never! Those small adventures together are just another lifelove experience. Something we should be grateful for and a reminder, for me, that…

i love my husband 🙂

He’s pretty darn cute too…

Reliving his HS football portrait in our back yard. 🙂


4 thoughts on “STOP COMPLAINING.

  1. Great post, Sista! I have been a serious complainer lately, and I’m sorry you (and everyone) has had to put up with it! Thanks for putting it into perspective for me 🙂

    Also, I cannot tell you how envious I am that you’re getting a new Tempurpedic bed… bah! We need one SO bad.

    Can’t wait to see the new trees! We really need to come down for a bomb fire, too 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sis! Well, like I said, we all have to vent and let it all out sometimes. 🙂 Otherwise things would get bottled up! It’s the little things that aren’t worth complaining about that we all need to work on.

    Yes, you guys must come down so we can roast marshmallows over the bomb-fire soooon!!

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