WEEK 18.

As mentioned, we kicked off week 18 with a road trip to North Dakota! My cousin-friend, Rachel, joined me (she is from Fargo) for the adventure and I’m pretty sure we set a record of most stops made in 250 miles. We had made the decision to stop at the Albertville outlets so she could return something and I could snag some new fall clothes from the Banana Republic outlet store, but the plan caused quite the delay because we missed the exit! (Seriously, it’s tricky!) And the next exit in order to turn around was five miles further. (How dumb is that!?) We did, indeed, turn around, thinking there’s no way we’d want to stop on the way home. Just a minor blip in our trip. She made her return and I found a bunch of cute fall clothes (and will wear them until the day my belly gets so big, they just won’t fit!). Our next stop was for fuel. My tank said I had 34 miles left and the sign for Alexandria (where we planned to stop for dinner) said 34 miles. Instead of risking it, we stopped before getting to Alec. Third stop, Alexandria for food. Fourth stop, Fergus Falls for an ice cream cone. All we wanted was a small DQ cone but much to our surprise, there was no DQ! Whatsup with that, Fergus Falls!? We settled for McDonalds, but after eating half of it, determined that it wasn’t that good so we both tossed them out the window at 80mph. (normally, I never litter, so please don’t judge me!) Needless to say, we finally reached our destination after a six hour trip.

I planned this trip specifically to do photo shoots so was fully prepared to work while there. I had three sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday — A total of 15 children under the age of 8. It doesn’t seem like doing photo shoots would be so exhausting, but it is. (check out my recent photos here.) I was so thankful to have my fabulous mom there by my side, driving me around so I could scope out locations, parking the car, carrying props, and getting the kids’ attention! (Thanks, Mom!) In between sessions, we had time for brief shopping stops and lunch. The weekend came and went in a blink and I completely spaced doing an 18-week baby bump photo until the drive home. But the background basically sums up NoDak so it worked out perfectly… 🙂

Baby Koch in NoDak | Week 18

I was so grateful that I also was able to stop and visit my dear friend, Beth, and her adorable daughter, Myla before leaving town. It was a brief visit, but even five minutes would have made me happy. I don’t get to see her enough which makes me sad!!

Beth, Myla, & I.

Other thoughts about Week 18…

Appetite: Everything is basically back to normal which I’m loving, however, I feel like I get SO full, so easily. And then I’m miserable. And feel huge. And can’t breath. (WHAT am I going to do when this baby gets really big!?) Last night I made homemade lasagna soup (recipe here) with a few modifications (I used quinoa noodles instead of regular lasagna noodles and nixed the meat because of lack of time.) and it was deeeee-licious! But after one bowl, I was set over the edge. I brought Lucy for a walk in hopes of that helping but it didn’t do much good. I’m not sure if it was indigestion (I don’t know these things because I usually just feel fine all the time!) or what, but it was not comfortable. It subsided after a couple hours, but it’s not something I’d want to happen on a regular basis.

Lasagna Soup

The Bump: It’s getting bigger (obviously)! Last night, in attempt to relieve my uncomfortably full belly, I laid on the floor and tried to lay on my belly momentarily. It was SO weird!! It felt like I was laying on a balloon. Sayonara, laying on stomach, for the next five months. 😦

I continue to feel little twitches and movements which I am finding very comforting, amazing, fascinating, and weird all at once! It makes me smile and gives me a such a connection to the little bundle growing in there. Is it a boy or girl?!?! I think the connection will be even greater once I know that. In less than a week we will have the ultrasound to find out!! However, we might hold out until Friday to actually know ourselves. The plans for a pink or blue filled cake is in the works and we are still trying to decide if want to to know before cutting into it (when some friends and family will find out) or finding out with everyone else at the same time. I think it might be more exciting to wait!

Daddy+Lucy: Cory will talk to my belly in the automatic baby voice that we all are conditioned to do when talking to a baby, so I have to tell him to talk normal! And then he tells him/her “We can’t wait to meet you and I am going to play you lots of Nickelback!” Ummm, no. We will play lots of Coldplay and Bon Iver. 🙂 God help me if our child likes daddy’s music.

Lately when Lucy barks or “sings” at me, I let her have at it, and try to be close by. I read an article that said that if the baby hears a dog barking a lot before being born, they will be more used to the sound so it won’t wake/bother them once they have arrived! Anything I can do to help Lucy+Baby adjust to each other. I hope Lucy doesn’t hate me when I bring a baby home. 😦

Purchases: I’ve been scoping out some adorable things but am holding out actually purchasing any more clothes (already bought a few) since we are so close to knowing boy or girl. I did purchase a crib sheet though! It was apparently on back order until December, but I got it yesterday, so I guess not. The plan is to pick out fabric and [have my mom] make a coordinating quilt instead of wasting money on a crib set. How cute is this going to be…!?

love chevron+grey!!

I also got the rocking chair I’ve been wanting for years, baby or no baby. Isn’t it so lovely!?

lovin’ the rocking chair!

We have more adventures coming up in Week 19.. Cable, Wisconsin! That means, Baby Koch will have visited four states in a month: Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the gorgeous fall colors around Cable while enjoying hot apple cider and the fall weather with my family.

almost 19 weeks!

What do you have planned for the last weekend in September!?

Can you believe it’s almost October?! Wowza!


2 thoughts on “WEEK 18.

  1. First off… OMG! YOU GOT THE CHAIR! If you’re not careful, I might steal it from you 😉

    All the photos from last weekend’s shoots are fantastic, Sis! Can’t wait to see the rest… and take some in Cable 🙂

    Oh, heavens no! The bambino can’t like Nickelback! And, Lucy may be a little jealous, but of course she won’t hate you 🙂


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