33 candles.

Sommmmmmebody in our household turned 33 today (hint: it’s not me or Lucy)! I remember when I used to think that 30 was so “grown up” (heck, I thought that if you were out of college, it was kinda old). Now I know—it’s not. And 33 isn’t either. We aren’t old! Life is just beginning. Happiest of Happy Birthdays to my love, my husband, my baby daddy!

It always seems like birthdays end up being just another day, but when you’re the one with the birthday, you always [secretly] hope it will feel more special (am I right?). So last night I decorated our kitchen in white streamers and baked vanilla cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles, complete with two #3 candles in a couple cupcakes to surprise him when he got home from work after midnight. I also wrote a giant Happy Birthday message on our chalkboard wall so he would see it when he walked in. 🙂

Tonight we are going to celebrate over dinner (sushi by request of the birthday boy) and cupcakes for dessert, he’ll open his gifts (although, his real gift comes in February!), we’ll watch+feel baby koch kick and squirm around inside me (coolest thing ever!), and the rest of our plans are yet to be determined… Perhaps an intense game or two of Jumbling Tower??

Here’s a photo recap of birthdays passed since the year I lucked out and met this handsome fellow when he was just 28 and I was 25 (weird!). 🙂

2008 | Dinner at a german restaurant

2009 | Dinner at Oceanaire

2010 | Happy Hour at Busted Nut

2011 | Dog park with Lucy

Happy Birthday, baby daddy!! Make a wish and remember…



One thought on “33 candles.

  1. Happy birthday, bro-in-law!

    Great post, Sis, and love that you decorated with streamers 🙂 And, love the pics of you two… crazy that you met when you were 25…! It seems like *just* yesterday.

    What’s Cory gonna do for your big 3-0 this year?! 🙂


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