In the spirit of the Halloween season, before we turn our calendars to November (how can that be!?), a post of Halloweenish (Halloween-y? Halloweiny?) things. Like this suuuuper scary ghost photo:

ghost dog.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Now, I know we all have a thing or two that freak us out, even if it’s embarrassing to admit. So, without further adieu, here’s my scare list:

• Does anyone else feel like your about to be the lead character in a horror movie while showering at night when you’re home alone? Anyone? No? Well, I lock the door to the bathroom and even that doesn’t stop me from thinking that while I am scrubbing the make-up off my eyes, that when I open them, there will be a creepy man standing inches outside the glass shower door … wearing all black… staring at me… with a knife… or something equally as far fetched. Gets me every time and I have to open my eyes mid way through just to make sure it’s not really happening.

Creepy old dolls and clowns. I think I saw a scene from Chucky when I was little and will forever be damaged. So creepy!

Previews for scary movies and just scary movies in general. If I am home alone (and likely when I am not), and a preview comes on TV for a scary movie, I will close my eyes and plug my ears (or quickly change the channel if the remote is within reach!). If I so much as see or hear any of it, that will be the first thing I think of when it’s dark and I am alone and my mind starts wandering. And to actually watch a scary movie (think Chucky again, Exorcist, etc)—absolutely not. It won’t even cross my mind for a split second to actually watch that crap.

Oiji Boards. Thanks to some experimenting in middle+high school, this has scarred me for life (I think I have my bff, Kim, to back me on this!). And to think it was on my Christmas Wish List and my parents actually bought it for me! Christmas/Oiji Board? Aren’t they basically opposites? I don’t know where it is now but I hope I never see it again. I have a fear that it will end up on my doorstep someday. Don’t get any ideas!  I will never buy one of those for our children, no matter how much they may beg for one.

Woodticks. Ew. Ew. Ew. They are teeny tiny, but if there is one on me [or on Lucy], I would rather wait for someone else to get rid of it before I will, especially if it’s attached. If it’s crawling, I can muster up the courage to at least flick it or grab it with about 13 paper towels, ensuring it won’t touch me. I don’t know when I became such a sissy.. when I was little, I would catch frogs and salamanders, or bait a fishing hook with a worm or minnow without getting squeamish at all. Not anymore.

The Dark. (don’t judge me.) And it’s only if I’m alone (and really only if it’s nighttime—there’s just something about the night when the world is quiet that makes you feel so alone and vulnerable, and scary things might happen). I make sure to have a light on everywhere I go in the house. Even if I’m turning off lights for the night to go up to bed. I will make sure there is a light to lead me up there, and before turning that one off, I will walk the extra 10 feet to the bedroom to turn a light on in there first. And I fall asleep with the TV on, practically on mute, for the light (unless Cory is home). I don’t know what I think will happen in the dark when I am alone.. kinda goes back to the shower thing. If I can’t see what might be in front of me, I get panicky.

• Not gonna lie, this sorta freaks me out and you will not see me taking advantage of being pregnant this Halloween by doing this:


Ok, now that you know how big of a scaredy cat I am… time to fess up, what creeps you out and gets your heart racing!?

This year for Halloween, I haven’t and won’t be participating in any big parties. Drunk, barely-dressed playboy bunnies at a crowded bar + sober, big-bellied preggo self = not my idea of a good time. However, I did dress up for work last Friday! Halloween is a big event here at the Anytime Fitness HQ. Our Marketing team dressed up as a group — Mad Men style. (how fitting, right?) I was Megan Draper… The dress I had in mind no longer fit over the baby bump so I had to improvise using other clothes in my closet. Best part about my “costume” this year — didn’t cost a penny! Check us out… (we even had fake cigarettes that blew “smoke” [aka: powder].)

The Ladies.

Also on Friday morning, the little kiddos at the daycare next door came Trick-or-Treating around our offices. They were so cute! I am already excited to dress up our little girl next Halloween. She will be such a cute age for it (7 months).

I can’t forget about Lucy either. She lucked out and got to dress up early this year as a ghost (well, maaaaaybe she didn’t consider herself a lucky dog), but I will probably get her dressed up again for a quick photo shoot later. I really want her to be a lion with a big lion mane. She’s such a ferocious animal (what, no?), it will be fitting for her. 😉

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What about your kids and/or dog?

Here’s a little recap of some of our past Halloweens…

halloween 2011 | black swan, hood rat, and lucy

annie+i | halloween 2011 | black+white swan

halloween 2010 or 11? | lucy the lobster

halloween 2010 | “walk of shame” & a rugby player (last minute, i-don’t-know-what-to-be costumes)

halloween 2009 | june carter+johnny cash

Happy Halloween, everyone! Don’t eat too much candy. 🙂


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