Every morning I wake up pregnant and a little bit bigger, deciding what to wear is a challenge. I will start thinking about it the minute my alarm goes off. The best is when I pick out my outfit the night before so don’t have to put any thought into it in the morning or end up with one of those I-didn’t-know-what-to-wear-so-tried-everything-on-and-now-my-room-is-a-disaster-moments! I’ve discovered that wearing jeans to work is just not possible preferred more than 1-2 times per week. I haven’t found comfort in the pair of maternity jeans I have, as every time I wear them, I feel like I constantly have to hike them up. Plus, having that stretchy material covering my belly under my shirt might be one of the most annoying things ever. I do have one pair of skinny jeans that are low enough that I can still wear and button them (that doesn’t mean they aren’t unbuttoned when I sit at my desk!). Stretchy leggings are definitely my go-to pants and I could honestly wear them every. single. day. if I didn’t find it necessary to change it up once in awhile. I’ve been digging through my closet and getting creative where I can, but have had to purchase a few longer and/or maternity shirts as well to expand the pregnancy wardrobe a bit. Other favorites and go-to items:

• Boots! I LOVE BOOTS!

• Scarves. Again, love love love. Who’s with me?

• Fun jewelry — earrings or a necklace (because sometimes I should need to take a break from the same old, favorite [leopard print] scarf every day!)

• Flats. If I’m not wearing boots, I’m wearing flats. Heels are out of the question, but I learned that long before I was pregnant. (Too many years of torturing myself in uncomfortable heels! What was I thinking?) Fun fact: Other than on Halloween for my costume, I have not worn heels to work ONCE since I started my job on August 6. I don’t foresee that number changing anytime soon. (Another random fact: I also have not worn a pair of dress pants in probably three years.)

Lulu Cool Racerback. I have this is purple, blue, black and hot pink and wear them under almost everything! I really want the grey/white striped one asap.

Lulu Wunder Unders. The leggings of choice. These things are ah-mazing. My next color purchase: red!

Here’s a glimpse into my maternity fashion wardrobe this week... (please pay no attention to the disaster of clothes behind me in my closet!)


Are my top stores to shop obvious at all?? 🙂 And maybe my go-to colors are also a dead giveaway. I think it’s time to invest in those red Wunder Unders and some other fun items to spice things up in the next few months! Some items on my I-could-really-benefit-from-these-practical-items I-really-want-these-things-now list…

On another fashion note: hair. Not that mine is anything to write home about, but check out this chick in the latest Anthropologie catalog. I love Anthropologie and I’m all for a messy hair style [done in a classy way], but really? What are the stylists thinking with this??

that’s just ugly & weird.

I think hairstyle is a huge part of a person’s style and overall appearance. So Cory’s occasional frustration with how long it takes me to get ready will never stop me from caring about making sure my hair looks acceptable, even if it’s messy but in a cute way. When I’m at home, not planning to leave or see anybody, my hair is another story. High, messy ponytail love!

What are your go-to, favorite items in your closet? Favorite colors to wear?

Happy Friday, everyone!




7 thoughts on “FASHION FRIDAY.

  1. Now you have me wondering about the baby’s initials! The only one I’m sure about is the last name. Does the first name begin with an “S” or a “B”?????? I’ll be thinking about this ALL afternoon!

    • “S” for Sharlene?? “B” for Bernice? I have no idea what names you must be thinking of, mom! I will tell you the name as soon as baby k is born… deal!? 🙂

  2. You are the cutest prego ever! I think I say that every post, but seriously you barely look pregnant, adorable Ami! And I agree, love lulu…everything….love scarves, boots, leggings a go to in the fall/winter. 🙂

    • That’s really sweet of you, Amine! Thanks 🙂 It’s just a matter of time before I blow up and am huge, I think! I’m hoping the last month or two isn’t all that bad though. I’m obsessed with lulu, but have to limit myself from even setting foot in the store very often because I know I’m bound to buy SOMETHING every time!!

  3. Pretty sure I’m going to copy every single one of your outfits, Sis (and I’m going to raid your closet for what doesn’t temporarily fit you!)! You’re ridiculously stylist and adorable 🙂 I also want everything on your wish list!

    Agreed… WTF is up with her hair?! Gross.

    Miss you and cannot wait to catch up over brunch this weekend 🙂 xoxo!

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