WEEK 24 [baby room+rockthevote!]

Deciding what direction to go for the baby room has been a long time coming. I’ve been daydreaming brainstorming ideas, making mood boards, and looking at countless inspirations on Pinterest for months. There are so many fabulous ideas out there [and floating around in my head], picking just one has been no easy task for me. Now that it’s November and the holidays are just around the corner, January+February will be here before I know it, so I figured I best be gettin’ my butt in gear, making some real progress!

Here are some of my favorite baby rooms I’ve been eyeing up on Pinterest, finding inspiration in each one.

You may notice I’m drawn to rooms that don’t scream “GIRL”. I love girly things but I also don’t want her room to be overly frilly and princess-y [with rainbows and unicorns and hearts]. Fairly neutral, but with enough girliness to know it’s definitely a girl’s room and not a boy’s when you see it.

Here is what I came up with and the direction I’ve decided to go for our little lady’s future room…

1. Chalkboard wall. I am already scheming photo ops for years to come using this…

2. Basket. (Crate+Barrel) I haven’t picked which one I’ll buy yet but I want a basket or two for toys/blankets etc.

3. Wall Color. (Martha Stewart Cavern) The room is all cleaned out and ready for a fresh coat of paint!

4. NAME. (Pottery Barn Kids) Lowercase letters that spell out her name. 🙂

5. Vizlsa Mobile. My plan is to DIY this.. just need to figure out with what and how exactly, but it should be fairly simple. Vizsla love!

6. Turquoise Map. More less just to show color. I do love the map itself but I am not for sure planning on purchasing it.

7. Colorful+Fun Fabrics. If I can get my hands on all these fabrics, I likely will use them for something. One will probably be the back side to the chevron quilt my mom is making for us.

8. Crib. (Target) Modern+Simple.

9. Chevron Quilt. Light purple+white chevron with orange trim and a turquoise+purple+white+grey+orange pattern fabric on the back.

10. Orange+Cream Zebra Rug. (overstock.com) I took the plunge and ordered this! I wasn’t 100% decided on this color direction, but I love it and decided to go for it!

11. Lulu+Max stuffed animal. (HomeGoods) A random impulse purchase because I thought it was cute. Lucy wants it SO bad!!

12. Side Table. (Target) The bongo-looking side table (as Cory thinks)!

13. Knit Foot Pouf. (Target)

14. Rocker. (overstock.com) I also purchased an authentic Bentwood Rocker off Craigslist and have big plans for it so it may end up in the baby room instead of this one!

15. Dresser. This is how I want to refinish a dresser for the room. Another DIY project!

16. Owl Piggy Bank. (Urban Outfitters) Haven’t purchased yet but I think it may happen.

17. Wire Baskets. (Crate+Barrel) For organizing baby goods, like diapers, lotions, etc.

18. Lamp. (HomeGoods)

19. Artwork/Print. Not for sure getting this but love the colors and the print in general.

20. Colors Swatches. Orange+light purple+turquoise+grey.

So, what do you think? Anybody have any other fun ideas for her room!?

I’m hoping I don’t change my mind or stress myself out wondering if this is for sure what I want to do. Just thinking about that happening brings back memories of wedding planning… ! It’s just a room though, right? The most important “thing” in there will be the baby who occupies it. 🙂

A blog post today wouldn’t be right without making note of the election! I waited until after work to hit my polling place which may have been a mistake on my part. The line seemed never-ending, but after exactly one hour and being the #2486 voter of the day in my territory, I walked out with the classic red “I Voted” sticker on my shirt! #rockthevote

i voted | 24 weeks!


7 thoughts on “WEEK 24 [baby room+rockthevote!]

  1. I love the colors!!! It’s going to look awesome! Did we use that orange paisley print in something else (it looks familiar)?

    • Thanks, Mom! I think it will turn out pretty great too using these colors. 🙂 We did use a fabric similar to make a pillow! I forgot about that, but am excited I have it already so it can be part of the room.. I think it’s in the guest room right now.

  2. Love the color scheme Ami! Gorgeous, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, and I am slightly obsessed with that orange zebra rug!!! Cant wait to see how it turns out! Oh and I love the cow jumped over the moon print too cute!

  3. She’s gonna have the most fabulous room, Sis! I especially love the vizsla mobile 🙂 And, pretty sure I’m gonna steal a couple of your ideas for our place 🙂

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