WEEK 25.

It used to only happen at the mall, but online shopping has taken it to a whole new level β€” impulse buying. It takes seconds when your credit card and shipping/billing information is already on file and just a simple click of a button can empty your wallet place an order.

I was guilty a victim of impulse buying yesterday. You know, gilt.com? (seriously, sign up!) I got an email notification informing me that the new “shop” opening [in precisely 30 minutes] was BabyGap. I knew my fate the minute I saw that email and previewed the items. And I knew things would sell out quickly. I put a few things in my cart and watched as my allotted reserved time began it’s countdown. In the meantime, I had dialogue in my head with myself about whether or not I should place the order. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted a newborn size or 6-12 month size of one of the outfits (decisions, decisions!). I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a super cute “going home” outfit so ultimately decided to remove the 6-12 month size from my cart and keep the newborn one (as tempting as it was to just buy both!).

The reserved time was dwindling and I needed to make a decision. As I hovered the arrow over the “submit order” button, I knew it was totally impulsive and more money than I thought I should spend [impulsively]. But all the while, I didn’t care. I loved the little outfits. Loved. And she’s my first baby, my daughter, and she deserves every bit of cuteness, and what kind of mama am I if I don’t spoil her? In an instant “Thank you for your order” popped up on my screen…

BabyGap | gilt.com

I did make a couple other [not-as-impulsive] baby purchases this week. Any mamas out there play RockaBye Baby music to their little ones? Do they like it? I downloaded one CD, and if you know me at all, you’d know that if my favorite band had a lullaby music option, I’d be all over it. And, they do! So excited about this. Cory laughed at me (because he thinks I’m crazy cute, of course.) when I told him I was going to start listening to it in the car so that our little girl hears it, gets used to it, and likes it when she joins us in this world. I totally think my concept could probably will work.


I’ll probably have to get a couple more juuuust in case I ever get sick of the 10 songs on this one. (U2 is next on my list!)

Every baby needs some cute socks to keep her feet warm, right!? I stole ordered these shoe-socks from Zulily for a whopping $10 for the set. (again, you should sign up for this site too!) Aren’t they so cute!? I went with the Classic colors, but really wanted the colorful ones too..

shoe socks.

And the one other thing I bought is the kick-ass orange zebra rug for her room. It’s Lucy-Approved! I have a feeling our 4-legged baby may spend her naps on this rug when her baby sis is sleeping in the crib. πŸ™‚ I got an awesome deal on the rug too… it’s a thick wool, 5’x8′, 15% off, plus an additional 7% off, and free shipping = $140. And it came three days after placing the order! High five, overstock.com!

rug | overstock.com

This week, we also tackled the big project of painting the baby room! With a little tag-teaming, it went by in a flash. I typically am the “cutter-inner” while Cory takes on the rolling, but this time, not only did he roll, he helped cut in. (Who else hates taping!? I’d much rather cut in. Maybe it’s the artist in me.) We got a wild hair at 8pm on a Tuesday evening to start the project and finished by 11:30, clean up and all. Cory did end up doing one more coat of paint on the chalkboard wall, but I lucked out and didn’t have any part in it. πŸ™‚ Here’s a before and after shot of the room, mess and all. You may not notice much difference yet, but I can’t wait to show photos (non-iPhone-photos) of it when it’s finished!

Although it looks brownish/taupe in this crappy photo, the finished product is actually grey with a slight purple undertone…

Coming up in week 26:

Little does Baby Koch know right now (FYI, if you are pronouncing this as Kock or Koch (with a -CH sound) in your head, that is wrong. It’sΒ Coke, like the soda.) but she’s the reason I won’t be doing what I likely would be doing to celebrate my 30th birthday on Monday! You know, the usual thing a 30 year old would want to do β€” jump my brains out atΒ SkyZone. πŸ™‚ (Seriously, I want to go there so bad!) Or, perhaps have one too may glasses of my favorite wine (Apothic Red, please), a platter of mouth-watering sushi, and some chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert, followed by a nice big stretch out, on the floor, on myΒ stomach. Nah, all that can wait until my 31st birthday. πŸ™‚ I’d much rather celebrate turning 30, knowing I’m growing a healthy baby girl inside me. Best gift ever.

Also, I realize I haven’t taken this baby girl anywhere exciting for awhile. Well, lucky baby, she gets to make her “first trip” (if it can even be counted?) to my hometown of Hallock for the Thanksgiving holiday! I’m so excited for a long weekend away. There is just something about going home-home that gives me that warm-fuzzy feeling. Who’s with me? It’s also likely to be the last time I make that long drive home without a carseat (+baby) in the vehicle.. weeeeeirrrrrd!

Guess what… in just 20 days, I’ll be 200 days pregnant!


5 thoughts on “WEEK 25.

  1. I’m smiling-there’s just “something” about having our girls home-home that gives me that warm-fuzzy feeling! So looking forward to the holiday-wish BOTH the extra bedrooms would be filled! See you soon!

    • Thanks for reading, Lindsay! We are doing great – no complaints! Pregnancy has been a lot of fun actually (I just hope I can keep saying that for the last 3 months). πŸ™‚ Hope all is well with you guys too!! Perhaps see you around Hallock over the Thanksgiving weekend..

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