fashion friday [maternity edition II]

I’m hoping, like a little kid on Christmas morning, that I get the red Lulu Wunder Unders for my birthday (hint hint, hubby). After this week, I’ve realized I pretty much wear three different pants leggings and they are all in the darkish color range (black, navy blue, jeans, dark grey). I need a little color in my life!! Bring on the red. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier wearing leggings every. single. day. BUT, I feel boring. Maybe that’s why I found this shirt at Target oddly cute and actually paid money for it.. Swans aren’t boring! Why am I drawn to this stuff? Cory hasn’t seen it yet, but I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about it…

it’s a swan.

Just like eating anything sweet these days, wearing stretchy pants is addicting and I can’t stop. I just don’t find it necessary to annoy myself all day by wearing something uncomfortable. As long as I keep it creative up top, I think I can get by with this behavior for three more months. What do you think? And it’s not like new shoes ever hurt anybody either (shoes I want, but don’t have… yet).

yay, shoes!

Back to fashions of the upper body — the head. I’m not one to wear my glasses very often but I have this weird obsession with glasses in general. Love them. [I need to get over the fact that I feel like I’m wearing a shield the minute I step out into public with glasses on my face and then will be fine and would probably wear them more often.] In celebration of my 30th birthday and the three month countdown to meeting baby K (it’s very easy to find great+logical reasons to buy myself stuff), I got myself a little gifty-gift. Been wanting SALT frames for a long time now and finally snagged a pair. 🙂

pretty, right?

And, a little looksy at some maternity fashions from the last two weeks. I might as well crop out my legs next time (although I already look legless in a few of these photos!). We all know what’s going with that half of the body (in case you’re confused: you know, the legging obsession). A couple new hairstyles might be on the agenda as well…

2 thoughts on “fashion friday [maternity edition II]

  1. Looking as classy and cute as ever my friend!! I never figured out what wunder unders are! I’ll have to google them. 🙂 I have to tell you, today I wore a sweater dress and leggings (an outfit I wore quite frequently when I was pregnant) and it reminded me how much I loved being pregnant.. It seems as though you are loving it as much as me. It’s hard to believe, but that feeling you have for your baby girl already whom you have yet to meet multiplies when you get to meet her and watch her grow. The best gift. EVER. 🙂 Love you lots!

  2. As always, you look adorable, Sis! I need some fashion advice from you 🙂

    Adorable shoes! Could those baby TOMS be any cuter?!

    And, yay for new SALT frames! You’ll love ’em.

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