thirty candles.

because we wake up with our heads a little higher on our birthday, don’t we?

It seems like just the other day my sister was teasing me, saying I was a whole decade old on my 10th birthday (I cried). Fast forward twenty years and here I am — three decades old. Thirty years old. I’m not going to lie about my age or be sad that I’m 30 — heck no, I’m pumped! There are so many adventures I have to look forward to for this decade the next three decades of my life. Tim McGraw said it best… “The next 30 years will be the best years of my life… Raise a little family and hang out with my wife husband.” (Thanks, Tim.)

My day started out pretty ordinary with a couple minor set backs… the ice machine got clogged and when I opened the door, ice crashed to the floor; and after getting a few blocks from home, I realized I forgot my work computer and had to go back. Looking on the bright side, driving back home meant that I got to get another good look at the biggest birthday card ever!

happy 30th baby momma 🙂 (thanks, baby daddy)

I took the detour to work in order to make a stop at Starbucks for a super healthy Peppermint Mocha (Seriously, like Christmas in a cup). My co-workers brought in breakfast for a little birthday celebration and gave me a pink, glittery card with a unicorn on it. 🙂 For my “birthday lunch”, Cory and I made the best of the gorgeous, mild-temp day by going for a walk instead of out to eat. While on the trail, we passed by an older couple who were also walking hand-in-hand. They smiled at us as we did the same, and said, “After so many years, we still got it too!” as the woman swung her husband’s arm up. So cute. It’s amazing how a little walk on your lunch break makes you feel…

30th birthday baby bump+birthday walk

30th birthday baby bump+birthday walk

When the clock struck 5p, I headed home and saw these pretty packages waiting for me on the counter:

If Cory and I started gift wrapping business, I think we’d be millionaires. My husband’s got mad wrapping skills. He wrapped the striped one out of a Coach bag and even makes bows out of ribbon (I can’t make this stuff up!). And since we didn’t have any tissue paper, he decided to go green and use plastic Target bags (they actually looked kinda nice!). The pretty package’s contents..?

birthday goodies.

I kinda lied. It was actually just the racerback tank and a lulu gift-card, which I promptly spent before going to dinner. Much to my sadness, they only had one pair of red Wunder Unders left, one size too big. Cory had looked to buy them for me too, with no luck, before settling on the gift-card. I think it was a blessing in disguise because the Studio Pants are to-die-for. (I maybe wore them for five days straight over Thanksgiving weekend.) I had been wanting to purchase these for awhile now but always opted for something else. So glad I finally own a pair! I also have a feeling the fluorescent yellow ear warmer is going to come in handy this winter too.. If only it were at Welch Ski Village like most winters! (Due to my tendency of falling at least once when I’m out skiing + my off-balance center of gravity, I figured I better steer clear of the ski hill this year.)

We were in and out of Lulu just in time to make it to our dinner reservations at La Grolla right on schedule (this is very rare for me). As the server was walking us to our table, she stepped aside, much to my confusion, as I thought she was giving me the pick of tables in that area. Soon enough, I saw the Peines and then my sister and Nick, my cousin Rachel, and my cousin[in-law] Jake waiting for me as they said “SURPRISE!”. I was completely and utterly shocked. I had NO idea this was about to happen, which was a surprise in itself because I typically have a pretty good inkling when something [like this] is up. Cory pulled it off and I was overjoyed! Funny I didn’t get teared up given all the pregnancy hormones… All smiles (and probably a blushing face—not a fan of being the center of attention in a group of people)!


(On a side note: That’s what I look like when I’m not prepared for a photo? Yikes.) We enjoyed some amazing food over great conversation and when the plates were cleared, a server placed a little plate with a cupcake+candle in front of me, and then in front of everyone else. BUT, they weren’t just any cupcakes… No, Cory had ordered them from our favorite cupcake lady who also made our wedding and baby cupcakes—Miss Sara’s Cakery. Best husband of the year award!

It truly was a fabulous 30th birthday [despite being the only one to toast with a glass of ice water]! A gigantic thank you to the husband I’m so lucky+blessed to have in my life and to my great friends+family for joining in on the surprise dinner party on a Monday night.

sisters+cousin margaret

sisters+cousin margaret

More birthday goodies I was spoiled with…

they know me so well. :)

they know me so well. 🙂

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf (I’m in love with this. It’s SO soft and cozy!)

Adorbs Chevron mug. I’m all about the chevron craze!

Q+A 5-year Journal. A question each day that you answer 5 years in a row. (My birthday [November 19] question: When was the last time you checked social media?)

Pretty-looking & pretty-smelling candle. (I love candles but never want to splurge on the cost of the best ones so to get this was a real treat! Now to give in and actually burn it…)

Lululemon gift-card! It’s currently burning a hole in my pocket…

Beautiful Cyclamen flower/plant. I have successfully kept three plants alive for almost a year… Think I can add a 4th to the list!?


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