WEEKS 26+27+28 [day 200]

I’ve officially been pregnant for 200 days!



The Thanksgiving holiday totally threw me off track of my weekly blogging. Something about going home-home puts me on the fast track of laziness+relaxation+no motivation. Four free days to do whatever I wanted, and I just could not get my fingers to type. Instead, they were busy feeding myself homemade chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting (thanks for the birthday cake, mom!), leftover Thanksgiving stuffing, and Schwann’s peppermint ice cream all weekend…

With that being said..

How I’m feeling: Awesome. I am surprised at how good I feel and can only hope that it continues (fingers crossed!). I haven’t had heartburn or acid reflux, no swollen feet or hands, no backaches, and have been sleeping pretty great (aside from waking up a couple times to pee!). The only thing that is different about how my not-pregnant-self would feel, is that my belly is bigger than normal. And my abdominal muscles clearly don’t work very well. Sitting up for a laying down position is now more of a challenge. πŸ™‚

I have nightdaymares of reaching a miserable stage… Watch, I’ll have fat fingers and won’t be able to wear my wedding ring, swollen feet so won’t be able to wear half my shoes, and a swollen face! I really hope not.

Bad Mama Moment: After drinking a bottle of Kombucha, I read the label. Kinda backwards(?). There, in red letters, it stated that if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, to consult your physician before consuming their products. I had googled this before drinking one and couldn’t find any clear indication to not drink it so really didn’t think it would be a big deal. I guess I’ll steer clear of them from here on out. You know those mishaps that make you feel like such a bad mama (this happens to me with Lucy too)? This was one of them.

Surprise: This time at my doctor apppointment, I remembered to ask what I weighed last time so I could see my progress. Much to my surprise (you know, after all the chocolate cake, leftover stuffing, and ice cream!), I gained two pounds since my appointment a month ago. It’ll be interesting to see what I gain these last 11 weeks…!

A+: I passed my glucose test with flying colors! (Again, all that cakestuffingandicecream I consumed over the weekend had me concerned about passing this!) Whoever says it’s soooo awful to drink needs to stop spreading rumors. First of all, it’s a tiny cup of liquid and it tastes like [fruit punch]! It was much better than any shot of liquor I’ve consumed, that’s for sure. My “score” was 123. I guess anything under 139 is considered normal. Yay, me!

Overheard: When I was waiting to get into my appointment, I overheard a soon-to-be baby daddy ask his future baby mama, “Why do you get so emotional when you hear the heartbeat? It’s weird.” Ummmm, I don’t know about you, but that would be grounds for a sock to the head arm had Cory said something like that to me. Dude, be nice to your pregnant wife!

It’s a Girl: I know, you already knew that. I asked my PA how much it would cost to do another ultrasound because I was having some “mild anxiety that she would come out a he“. She just smiled and said they would just do one quick, no problem (so nice!). Before you judge me and think I’m a weirdo… I’ve had multiple people tell me how somebody they knew thought they were having a girl and she ended up being a boy β€” after forming a connection+bond with a daughter and preparing for a girl, I am not sure how easy it would be to adapt to a boy if it were to happen. So I had the ultrasound and it has been confirmed β€” it’s a girl! It was so fun to see her cute little face again, watch her mouth open and close, and see her little heart beating. I even got more photos [for the fridge]!

Dreamin’:Β I love when I have dreams of our baby girl. I just had one, but all I remember is Cory holding her when I got back [from somewhere] and feeling pure happiness and love when I saw her face and took her from his arms! And, the other part I remember β€” feeling like I was going to drop her. There always has to be an anxiety-driven part of the dream, I guess. In the past, the dreams were about forgetting to feed her, not having any food to give her, and not being prepared in general for a baby in the house. Yikes.Β 

As Seen on TV: Anybody watch “Up All Night”? [Super funny… watch it.] Anyway, “Chris+Reagan” have the high chair I’m planning to buy! It’s always weird to see something you own (or in my case, plan to own soon) on TV. Isn’t it? Check it out…

Up all Night.

Up all Night.

Anyone have any opinions on which color I should get? I’m sure when the day comes that we have a baby boy (if that day comes), we probably won’t care if he sits in a pink highchair anyway, so I don’t want that to stop me from choosing the pink. πŸ™‚

Holy Moly: I am now going to doctor appointments every two weeks and have scheduled the rest of them from here on out! And, it really puts things into perspective when I realize there is a chance I only have 9-10 weeks to go if I go into labor a little early!

Baby Purchases:

baby goods!

baby goods!

Is that chevron blanket not the cutest thing ever?? I have seen it at Target a couple times but it wasn’t at the Target in Woodbury. Instead of waiting in hopes of getting it as a gift off my registry (and for the fear that it would be gone by the time someone would potentially buy it), I scooped one up myself. I’m in love with it! Cory even commented on how he likes it and that is looks good with the new bassinet. πŸ™‚

The Curse of the Curtains: Who would have thought picking out fabric for curtains would be so difficult? I thought I had a winner but my opinion changed the minute I saw it in person. It was too dark and earth-tonish, rather than soft, playful, and baby-ish. I then spent hours (yes, hours), on a Friday night, browsing fabric online in hopes of finding one that sparked my interested, without-a-doubt-in-my-mind. I found plenty that I love, but just cannot decide. This is where you come in. Please help. Here are my options, photoshopped into the room for the most the most accurate depiction. I think I know which is my favorite but would love to hear your thoughts too!



OR, my other thought is that I go with something completely opposite and keep it plain and neutral (white or white+grey pattern) for the curtains and use fun fabrics for accents around the room. This is me second guessing everything so the more insight I get from you guys, the better. Bring on the opinions!!



Is the neutral route too boyish with the orange zebra rug? I hope I’m not the only mama-to-be who has put a ridiculous amount of so much thought into this type of stuff! πŸ™‚

Please vote!!

1. Highchair Color β€” Pink or Taupe?

2. Colored Curtains β€” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?

3. Neutral Curtains β€” 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

4. Curtains β€” Colored or Neutral?




11 thoughts on “WEEKS 26+27+28 [day 200]

  1. Ami,
    You have such good taste, no matter what you pick for curtains it will look fantastic. If I were going to pick the highchair I’d opt for no pink….just saying. That being said, you are like a breath of fresh air~ it is so fun to read your blog… what a lucky little girl you are going to have.

  2. I like the neutral curtain #5!! But if you decide to go patterned, my fave is #1 πŸ™‚ its great to get to read about your progress!! So so excited for both you and Cory!!

  3. Go with taupe high chair, not only for the fact that down the road you might have a boy, but also that this tends to become part of your “home decor” πŸ˜‰
    Curtain options…
    colored #6
    neutral #5
    I’d go with neutral that way if you ever change the decor of the room, you wouldn’t necessarily have to change the curtains, but that’s just me. I am positve it’ll be cute whatever you decide!

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