WEEKS 30+31+32 | Happy New Year!

What I didn’t think would happen, happened: It saddens me to report that I no longer can sleep soundly. I had been sleeping so great — so comfortably — and then just like that, it was over. Now I toss and turn and think about my position and if I’m hurting the baby in my half-sleeping state, wake up to pee multiple times, and get irritated by Cory and Lucy snoring (or even just breathing heavy) and Lucy stretching out, pushing all four of her paws on my back (but I love her so much, it’s actually kinda cute). I was sleeping on my back up until all this started as well. Now I don’t feel comfortable on my back and get anxiety about cutting of the blood supply (or whatever scary thing it is you read about on the internet) to my baby if I lay on my back too long. Oh, how I miss my good sleep!! I took a nap on the couch the other day and I’m quite sure it was the hardest I’d slept in a week. Naps should be encouraged more, don’t you think? Like in the workplace. They should be required like in Kindergarten.

Sugar: Ummmmm, given my behavior over the holidays, I might be the perfect candidate for the next episode of Intervention. Peanut butter balls, melt-in-your-mouth frosted sugar cookies, white chocolate peppermint bark, ooey-gooey-homemade caramels, classic spritz cookies. This year there was no stopping me from indulging in multiple bites of each one [as if I’d never get to enjoy another cookie again in my entire life]. I know it’s a problem bad when I’m dying to get my hands on the Smorbakkles and Krumkake my sister brought back from my family’s Christmas in Hallock. This month: This sugar madness will subside. If there is one thing for certain, this little girl is going to have one wild sweet tooth, thanks to her mama+daddy’s genes combined. Poor girl…

Say it ain’t so: I’m pretty sure I am starting to walk funny, you know, the pregnancy “waddle”… As much as I try not to and don’t feel like my belly is big enough for it to happen yet, my body just does it!

Reality Check: I cannot believe that in less than five weeks, I will be considered full term. [holy crap!] I technically could have this baby girl in my arms in as little as five weeks (or one week for that matter, but lets hope not!). I have an inkling that she will come a little early, but the longer she cooks in there, the better. I’m (we’re) beyond excited to meet her and see her little face!! My actual due date is February 23. If she comes sooner than February 19, she won’t be a Pisces…

Pisces: Strengths: accepting, adaptable, compassionate, devoted, imaginative. Weaknesses: escapist, indecisive, lazy, oversensitive, self-pitying. Baby/Toddler Characteristics: childish, dreamy, friendly, gentle, magical, sensitive, warm-hearted. Sounds like a pretty sweet baby to me! 🙂

Baby Goods: I don’t think it would be possible not to do a little bambino shopping over three weeks time…

I can hardly stand the cuteness!

I can hardly stand the cuteness!

1. BabyGap beanie+mittens. On sale, how could I resist?

2. H&M Heart Onesie. H&M has baby stuff, heck yeah!

3. Magnificent Baby Gown. For the first time during my pregnancy, I went to Destination Maternity at Mall of America. Where has this store been for the last seven months!? I bought myself a few things and found this for the babers. I didn’t even care what the price tag said ($30), I knew I had to buy it. So fricken cute.

4. After The Bump Knit Baby Beanie. ($36) I am so in love with this and wish I could have it in multiple sizes for her! Assuming the “newborn” size fits her in the hospital, she will be wearing this home for sure.

5. BabyGap Striped Sleeper. Newborn size = going home outfit. I hope she fits into the newborn size, otherwise I have plenty of options for 0-3 months that I will have for back up. 🙂

6. Sophie the Giraffe. A baby essential, am I right?! I’ve been wanting this thing long before even getting pregnant.. It’s so cute! We are going to have to battle Lucy on a daily basis though because she wants this like nobody’s business. It’s totally a glorified dog toy anyway…

7. BabyGap Leggings+Tutu. I’ve had my eye on this little number for awhile now and it just so happened to be on sale the other day ($13)! So excited for her to fit into it! (6-12 mo.)

8. Rockabutt Baby Shoes. A co-worker of mine gave Baby Koch these for Christmas. Unbelievably adorable!

9. Socks [that looks like shoes]. One of the couple pairs she got for Christmas. I wonder how many times I can use the words “cute” and “adorable” in one blog post??

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the crib (+mattress) this week! Once that is put together, things will feel even more real. (as if feeling her stretch out and kick me in the ribs isn’t real enough..!)

Baby bump update:

Work holiday party | Christmas | New Years Eve

Work holiday party | Christmas | New Years Eve

On a recent Target run, we had a shopping trip to remember: bought our first [of many] boxes of diapers. 🙂


Then, when we went to Buy Buy Baby, we took advantage of the “expectant mother” parking spot. I felt like a total slacker doing this! By the looks of [my giant-ness] in this photo, a walk from the back of the parking lot wouldn’t be a bad idea… I look huge!!


So much to look forward to in 2013.. Happy New Year!!





2 thoughts on “WEEKS 30+31+32 | Happy New Year!

  1. Love your blog today! I think I had all those same thoughts and concerns. It is amazing how all the sudden you can go from sleeping great to mind wonderingly terrible isn’t it? And from walking normal to the “waddle” in the what seems like a flick of a switch. In all are trips to buy buy baby I always told Charlie we are not parking in those spots, I can walk just fine, until it happened as we pulled in the parking lot one day he went to pull in a normal spot and I said I think we need to park in the expectant mom spots cause I am too tired to walk that far today! She will be here you before you know it, enjoy your last few weeks as a family of 3 before your life turns upside down, for the better of course!

  2. Oh, the poor bambino… she sure is going to have a serious sweet tooth 🙂 She will definitely be the best dressed baby girl around, too! SO many adorable outfits, Sis! And, you look cute as always 🙂

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