weeks 33+34 | countdown is on!

I wish it was true that I feel like I’m 90 years old because I just did a kick-ass workout at the gym yesterday (a girl can pretend, right?). Nope, instead it’s due to falling on my arse (thanks, invisible ice) and a little preggo bowling over the weekend. The good news: I didn’t hit my head or baby bump whatsoever (kept the bambino safe!). Bad news: a hole in my beloved Lulu Studio Pants. So, so sad. As for bowling.. I figured it would be interesting to try to bowl with what seems like an actual bowling ball attached to my mid-section already. I was right. I took bowling form to a whole new level. To be on the safe side, I used the lightest ball I could find and I threw the ball so gently (really, it was all I could manage!) that sometimes it barely knocked down the pins! (I’m happy to report I did bowl a 105 despite my goofy pregnancy form!)

We took another step towards making this whole baby thing real life last week — a crib! I made Cory wait until I got home from work to put it together because I wanted to help watch.  With each new thing we do, I think Lucy knows something is seriously up. She made sure to be part of the process from beginning to end…

building the crib.

building the crib.


love it.

I had been waiting for this day for a long time, dreaming of putting Lucy inside the crib for a little photo shoot. Usually she’s not impressed with being forced to sit in random places for photos, but she seemed quite content with the crib. In fact, she ended up laying down and gazing out the window. It’s like a giant dog bed! If I’m not careful, we might find her snuggled next to her baby sis sometime in the future…!


just chillin’ in baby sister’s crib.


Doesn’t she look so freaking adorable in there!? Especially with the pink bow around her neck… 🙂

More sweet baby girl goodness:


Hat from Bekima Knits  |  Baby Sling from Zulily

I can just imagine a little chubby-cheeked, 6-month old in that hat! Hello, photo opps when that day comes… 🙂

More on Week 33+34:

Whacky Pregnancy Hormones: I blame it on pregnancy. It has to be. Lately, the smallest, dumbest things annoy the crap out of me! Even the fact that I get annoyed by things annoys me because I can’t control it.. Yikes! Cory gets the joy of hearing about what’s bugging me. So do my mom+sister, usually. [Thanks for hearing me out!]

Germaphobe: Something I totally am not. Usually. I’ve never been the type of person to get all worked up by a few germs. (Heck, I feed Lucy bites off my spoon (don’t judge!) and give her licks of my ice cream cone.) But this whole influenza nastiness going around has given me a change of heart. I am terrified of getting sick during these last six weeks of pregnancy, not to mention the weeks (+months) after bringing the babers home! The other day, for the first time ever, I grabbed one of those “cart wipes” at Target and wiped off my cart before shopping. And I won’t use stair railings in public and find myself getting really grossed out at the thought of who may have touched something before me. (The absolute worst might be going into a public restroom stall immediately after a stranger comes out… gross gross gross!!)

In addition to be especially germaphobic right now and simply using common sense as a pregnant woman, I finally got a flu shot! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one, but this year it was imperative. I feel so much better knowing I got it, but will continue to cross my fingers I don’t get sick during the two week window it takes for the vaccine to take effect.

01.12.2013: Little did I know on this day exactly five years ago (2008), I would meet the man who would now be my baby daddy (I use this term as a joke, just FYI). I told him that was the luckiest day of his life (totally was). But really, it was mine too. I couldn’t be more grateful+blessed+happy to have him as my husband and don’t know what I’d do without him.

Baby Fever: Over the weekend I had two photo shoots that involved FOUR newborn babies! Talk about making me super duper excited to meet and hold my baby! Be sure to pop over to my facebook page to see photos of the sweet babies…

What’s next?: My last bi-weekly doctor appointment and then I move on to weekly appointments… How did this happen so quick!?

This weekend is my baby shower! I’m so excited. My sister and I are having so much fun planning all the details — decorations, food, etc. Photo recap of the event coming next week! In my next life I’m totally going to be an event planner…

As [super] excited as I am to meet this little girly, I also am a little freaked out just how quickly it’s approaching. I still feel like I have a million things to do before her arrival and am not sure I’ll have enough time to get it all done. Lets hope this so-called “nesting” business kicks in sooner than later! One thing that I always remember and keep in mind is that there is nothing that is going to make me feel “ready” to bring home an infant and know what to do with her. It will just happen, we’ll take it as it comes, and learn as we go. It’s going to be an amazing+crazy+emotional rollercoaster+gratifying+sleep deprived+heart warming+pure joy+unconditional love overload! Bring it on.

Check out my 34-week bowling ball…

34 Weeks | bowling!

34 Weeks | bowling!


6 thoughts on “weeks 33+34 | countdown is on!

  1. I’m always here to listen, Sista! Anytime 🙂

    Lucy looks so at home in the crib… silly hound.

    And, SO glad you didn’t land on your belly when you fell! Whew!

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