week 35 | baby shower recap

so thankful.

so thankful. every day.

I felt was so spoiled over the weekend — all I did was open gift after gift for myself (well, for the baby?). Not only was it my baby shower, but my [immediate] family and I also celebrated a faux Christmas together since Cory and I didn’t venture to northern MN this year for the holiday. For years, I’ve been wondering when I would stop being spoiled by my parents [on Christmas]. When I graduated high school? No. Surely then, when I got married? No. Said goodbye to my 20s? No. Then it must be when I give them somethingone else to love more than they love me (a granddaughter!), right?? I’m close to finding out if that’ll be the case (I’ll keep you posted)! But, the weekend definitely was no indication of it happening. I will be perfectly ok with becoming an official adult not being spoiled anymore and know that if my daughter is spoiled (because obviously she will be), it’ll feel like I am too. 🙂

The night before my baby shower brought back visions+memories of the chaotic+insane+exhausting week before our wedding… Good memories of course… mostly. My parents and I (Cory would have been along for it all had he not been working) ventured to about seven different places in three hours… picking things up, returning things, and buying supplies+food for the next day. My Mom and I had our own personal chauffeur as my Dad dropped us off at the door of every place we went before coming in (thanks, Dad!). The rest of the evening was spent preparing delicious foods, cleaning, and putting up the most lovely decorations, with a brief break to devour pizza at 9pm! Huge thank you shout out to all who helped: Mom+Dad, sister+Nick, & cousin Margaret+Jake! THANK YOU! There is no way I would have gone to bed by 1am without each person’s contribution!

(Who loves pictures?!)


More sweet baby goodness from the weekend:



only a preview of all the fabulous gifts I was given…!

And, the conclusion of the curse of the curtains saga! Are you ready? I’m in love love love with how our sweetie’s room is turning out. A modern twist with just the right touch of girliness. When I run upstairs for something, I pause for a good 30 seconds to stare at her room before running back down [with a smile on my face]. Still working on the finishing touches but here’s where we’re at..


Here’s a close up of the artwork above the crib (printed on a metallic-sheen paper and designed by me (although kind of a knock-off of things I saw online)… 🙂 The middle frame will eventually have a B+W photo of her [or all of us] in it after she is born.


And take a peek at this ah-mazing baby quilt my equally amazing mom made for us.. I am so in love with it!! It’s perfect. She even hand quilted it! I’m going to love it forever and I think little baby girl will too. 🙂

(did I mention that she made the curtains for us as well? Complete with black-out liners to keep it nice and dark while naps are in session…)


Today is January 23, which means that I am exactly one month from my due date — February 23! Let the countdown begin. 🙂




23 thoughts on “week 35 | baby shower recap

  1. What a fun recap of a fantastic weekend! So glad we were able to be there (& to spoil you for at least 1 more time-HA)! Eagerly awaiting our grandbaby!

    • Thanks, Mom! I’m also very glad you and dad were able to be here for it. And, as you know, the shower wouldn’t have been such a success without the help from both of you. THANK YOU!

  2. I’m tearing up because I am so happy for you and sad I couldn’t be there to help in the spoiling! I adore everything about her room, especially that your mom contributed to the uniqueness. Love ya!

    • Awwww, thanks Beth!! I’m also so sad one of my very best friends wasn’t able to be there to celebrate with me, but know that I will get to see you soon. 🙂 Miss you! ❤

  3. adorable! Can’t wait to hear your exciting news Ami!
    PS… your mom should start a little boutique selling all her adorable goodies!! 🙂

  4. Beautiful shower!!! Love everything about the room, stunning!!! Our crib arrived today! We bought the same one only two-toned with espresso and white – too funny! It’s super cute! I wish my mom was as crafty as yours…it’s so hard finding cute bedding and drapes!

  5. Congratulations! Love your nursery….I have been obsessed with purple/plum and orange for forever (they were my wedding colors)…where did you find your curtains and rug?

    Best of luck the rest of the way!

    • Thank you, Rachel! They are fabulous colors, aren’t they. 🙂 The rug is from overstock.com and the curtains were made by my mom! I can’t remember where we ordered the fabric from though…

  6. What color paint did you use for the nursery walls? I’ve had a similar color pictured in mind and I’m going crazy trying to decide! We need to paint this week so I really need to pick one. I love the room!

  7. What color paint did you use for the nursery? I have had a similar color pictured for ours but I am having a hard time narrowing it down. We need to paint this week so I need to decide! Looks gorgeous!

    • Thank you! We really love how the color turned out. Grey with purple undertones in certain lighting. It’s Home Depot Martha Stewart line, color: Cavern. Good luck! 🙂

  8. I don’t know how I haven’t commented on this post yet, Sis! I’m so happy I was able to celebrate the bambino’s arrival! What a *perfect* day 🙂 And, now she’s here! And, I’m over the moon about her! xoxo.

  9. Hi there I saw your nursery on pinterest and think its beautiful. Can I ask where you got the crib and where you got your dress?? Thx!

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