life as a mama | trial+error

The first few months of parenthood are all trial+error. At least I haven’t been so lucky to get my hands on the official “Mama Manual” yet. So far, I’ve learned a number of things. One [self-enforced] “Rule”: do not get myself fully ready and dressed in my “work clothes” before getting Finley fully ready to leave the house first. You just never know if you’ll get pooped or spit-up on! But, sadly, the mishaps can’t always be avoided 100%..

I didn’t have my work clothes on yet, but my make-up and hair were done. I was burping Finley and sure enough, she spit up in my hair, down my back, and on the rocking chair. (You know you’re a mom when you go to work with a few crusty ends to your hair and then get whiffs of spit-up throughout the day without it bothering you.) I was ahead of schedule despite the spit-up incident and for that, I was proud. Until I took a look at my hair in the rearview mirror just before backing out of the driveway, only to see something crusted on the shoulder of my shirt. WTF is that?? And then I had a flashback to when Finley was a newborn. Those sleepless nights… waking up to change+feed her… getting pooped on. OMG! It’s POOP! I remembered that I had this shirt folded on the floor with plans to return it, only to never get around to returning it or wearing it until this particular day. Sure as shit (no pun intended), it was crusted baby poop. On my shirt. Shameful yet proud, I went inside and washed it off as best as I could and was back on my merry way to work. When your outfit is clicking and your feelin’ good, and the baby is already in the car, there’s no way you’re going to change into a whole new outfit… am I right? (well, that’s my motto anyway) The only other thing that would have made me the epitome of a working mom that day would have been a breast pump bag on my shoulder. I didn’t look quite as bad as it probably sounds…


Other things I’ve come to realize…

• Have burp cloths everywhere around the house. Because when the baby spits up, you realize the burp cloth is never in sight. My favorites are these Aden+Anais ones. So soft and fit perfectly on shoulder and around neck with it’s shape.


• Have phone, remote, burp cloth, and whatever other useful items near you while breastfeeding. Again, in the middle of breastfeeding, an infomercial or something equally as bad will come on the TV and then you’ll realize the remote is a couple feet out of reach. Or you’ll decide you want to catch up on facebook but realize your phone is nowhere to be found either. I’ve become pretty good at picking up various items with my toes…!

• Have a bottle cleaning station somewhere other than the kitchen. (we do ours in the laundry room) I just feel like the kitchen harbors more bacteria from various foods, gross wash cloths, etc. Plus, who wants this bottle clutter in the kitchen where everyone sees it?


• Be sure to have gas relief drops on hand. These are a life saver!! And it might be the cutest thing ever to watch a baby get a taste of something other than milk for the first time.

• Formula container with dividers. With this, you can measure out the exact amount of formula into separate compartments so you can easily make a bottle when you aren’t at home. Love this thing! (buy it here) Will be great for snacks (for baby or husband!) when we are past the formula stage as well. 🙂


• If you know you are about to change a poopy diaper (or as I say it to Finley in a weird this-is-how-I-talk-to-babies-voice with a slight accent, “poopsie pants!”), take out a few wipes ahead of time. Trying to get one out with one hand is a challenge and is suuuuuper annoying.

• Pacifier clips. (because it never fails, the pacifier somehow, magically gets lost in the carseat every time and is impossible to find!) I was going to make my own but took the lazy way out and just ordered two from this etsy shop. Aren’t these adorable!?


• Have phone nearby at all times, because there are always moments you want to capture on camera or video! I’m good at this one. 🙂



2 thoughts on “life as a mama | trial+error

  1. great info! I’m not a mama, but nannied a few years ago. When I did I loved using those formula dividers… so easy 🙂 and it does kind of gross me out to see bottles drying in kitchens, the laundry room is swell idea!

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