finley’s fashion

Just like I do my own closet, there are some mornings I stand in front of Finley’s for a few minutes, staring at her clothes, unable to decide what she should wear for the day. But as I look at her closet, I think, “So many cute options, which one do I pick!?”, while what goes through my head as I look at my own closet is, “I have nothing to wear. I hate my clothes!”. (anyone else have that problem?) Just when I am staying strong and not buying her new [freaking adorable] clothes, a BabyGap email will pop into my inbox, luring me to their website; images of cute little babies wearing cute little clothes. It’s almost like there is a hidden message that brainwashes moms to buy the clothes (there probably is). Never fails. It’s like they know when I haven’t bought anything for awhile (they likely do, actually). And then to top it off, there’s a 30% off coupon. How do I pass that up? I usually don’t. We love BabyGap. All but seven things below are from there…

(Side Note: If you have a free minute, pretty pretty pretty please click on the image to the right ——–> and vote (rate #5!) for my three designs!)

some of our favorites.

some of our favorites.

If you follow me on instagram or are friends with me on facebook, you’ve probably noticed that Finley’s cue ball head is typically displaying a cute headband. A lot of people ask where I get all of them… I have purchased a handful of them from BabyGap (naturally), some of my favorite ones are from various Etsy shops (Ryan+WrenLittle Hip SqueaksHair Accessories by MeganJolie Berry) , and I have also purchased a few from daily sale sites like GroopDealz and Pick-Your-Plum. A little girl can’t have too many hair bald head accessories! My sneaky plan is that she’ll get used to it when she’s this little so that when she’s a little bigger, she doesn’t rip them out! Think it’ll work…? (I know, probably not.)

So, there you have it folks. A little peek into Finley’s fashionable wardrobe. But no post is complete without a few photos of the little lady too… 🙂


3 thoughts on “finley’s fashion

  1. Where did you purchase the set of three tie headbands you featured here? Love them. Finely is adorable and such a fashionista 🙂

  2. Thanks, Erin! Those are from Little Hip Squeaks Etsy shop. 🙂 When she posts new items, it sells out in minutes! So, I recommend following her on instagram and/or facebook so you know when she’s going to post new stuff. That way you can get lucky like me, hopefully!

  3. I enjoyed reading your posting. I had many times that I felt the same…. I keep buying things for my lil princess and I have nothing to wear!

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