mommy {grapefruit} margarita

Ok, fellow mommies… who need an alcoholic beverage after dealing with a teething baby or perhaps a crappy winter, or both. If you like margaritas, you may want to join me in making this your official summer drink of 2014! This is no regular margarita.. it’s a grapefruit margarita! Made entirely with freshly squeezed fruits. Well, that, and liquor. It’s been such a hellish winter here in Minnesnowta, that I decided it was time for a margarita in hopes of feeling one step closer to hot summer evenings, grilling on the deck and sipping an icy cold drink. Since making it, I think we’ve had like seventeen more snowstorms and temps in the 20s.

But it’s Friday and it’s suppose to be 60°… So this is totally necessary tonight.

Check out Pretty Plain Janes blog for the recipe! Happy Weekend!




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