20 minutes in the life of a (busy) 15 month old

Those of you who have children understand how busy they are. Their attention span is short and they move from one thing to another within seconds. (Sounds sorta like myself… haha) I followed Finley around with my camera for awhile after we got home from work+daycare the other day. Despite her business, she was such a well-behaved, sweet little girl as she played nicely by herself all evening. As I watched her, I reminded myself how lucky and fortunate I am to be blessed with a daughter like her…

Her “zebra” blanky and nuk are her go-to items.


If the baby gate isn’t up, she beelines for the steps. And then Lucy runs ahead of her and thinks it’s playtime!


Once she gets to the landing, she giggles and crawls super fast to the next flight. (still has the blanky in hand…)


Silly faces as always. And a sure tell sign of a 15 month old at the end of the day—dirty clothes!


Peeking around the corner.. I think she thought daddy was home!

Once she’s to the top, she peeks around to make sure I’m still following her..

Digging for toys.. (blanky in hand)

And then straight to our bedroom to see if the bathroom door is open so she can explore in there! WHY do babies always want to go to the grossest areas of a house?!


Got distracted when she saw the laundry room door was open so went in there instead. And then in true baby fashion, had to close the door! (*don’t mind the disaster of clothes everywhere!) And, still has the blanky..


Peeking out.. 🙂


Then I put her up on our bed for a few photos..


And she got kisses from Lucy!


Stripped down to her diaper to get ready for dinner and in the meantime, got her hands on a water bottle…


So much more fun than REAL toys!


Keeping the water bottle close by..


A silly face that looks like a face of frustration..


Forgot about the water bottle and moved on to a plastic easter egg. (please pay no attention to the dog-nose-and-baby-hand-smeared, nasty-looking window!)


And then realized the Bose stereo was on the window sill.


Finally made her way to her toy corner to play with real toys!


Scooting into the smallest space she can find. 🙂


And coming out with her glowworm baby!


Trying to make it light up and play music..


Finally, time for a cruise on her princess car next to her sidekick..




3 thoughts on “20 minutes in the life of a (busy) 15 month old

  1. Aw, she is adorable and her pony tail is simply divine!! My son is 14 months so we are in the same type of play days as you–they are just the best!! 🙂

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