five minutes

It’s so easy to just keep doing what you are used to doing, isn’t it? The usual routine. Especially because we are all “so busy”, so to do something new seems too time consuming and hard. But if you commit to just five minutes, you will soon realize two hours has gone by and you’ve enjoyed every minute of it. (Well, unless you are cleaning or something.)

That was the case for me on Saturday night. (Oh, how my weekend activities have changed… #mommyhood) I’ve been wanting to paint [again] for a long time. Paint with real live paintbrushes and paint — not fake ones on a computer. I finally opened my box full of art supplies, amongst pencil drawings, from college. After eleven years (omg, eleven years!!), I honestly didn’t have a clue how to use oil paints anymore. There was a little jar of oil even, and I had no idea what to do with it. (Assuming you mix it in with the paint, duh, but don’t have much recollection of actually doing that in college.) I actually googled “How to paint with oil paint”. Seriously, how did we ever live without Google’s help? I found out oil paint is toxic and [can take] years to dry in some cases. Also read that you should buy a bigger tube of the white paint because “you will find that you go through white much quicker”. I laughed because, sure enough, I had no white oil paint left. My sister and I made a quick trip to Michaels to buy the white paint, but easily got distracted by Martha Stewart’s acrylic paints. There were plenty of other paints for a dollar less each, but damnit, Martha’s packaging is so pretty. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. And so we bought eleven delicious-looking Martha paints.

For two hours we painted (and drank wine). Neither of us knew where to start and it was kinda “scary” to put that first glob of paint on the blank canvas, but so much fun once we got started! I just kept mixing and adding new colors, screwing up and ruining what I had going, until again, it was something pretty to me. Maybe it looks like something Finley [could have] painted, but I love and see it as an abstract flower garden. 😉

So, people, close those laptops and put down your phones. Commit to doing something new for five minutes.. chances are, a couple hours will go by and not one minute was wasted mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.


The small canvas next to the plate is another quick painting I did as well. Isn’t the plate pretty too!? 😉


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