in this life

1. Vacation in Australia and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef. (complete 2004)

2. Skydive.

3. Get motorcycle license. (complete summer 2010)

4. Raise my children to be kind to everyone.

5. Take a trip to the Boundary Waters.

6. Marry the love of my life. (complete 07.23.2011)

7. Go to Italy.

8. Be a successful photographer.

9. Run a half marathon. (complete May 2009)

10. Zipline.

11. Live in the same neighborhood as my sister so our kids can walk to each others’ houses.

12. Family camping trips in the pop-up with our kids.

13. Complete a sprint Tri.

14. Be debtfree (other than house+car). (complete April 2012)

15. Hike up a mountain. (complete June 2012 | fourteener | Quandary Peak, CO)

16. Buy a house we love where we will raise a family. (complete February 2012)

17. Host Christmas at our home.

18. Own a successful business. (complete January 2010 – May 2012)

19. Open Etsy shop. (complete January 2014)

20. Vacation in Napa Valley+San Fran.

21. Make homemade buns.

22. Be an amazing mom. (currently doing) 🙂

23. Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary with Cory & still be madly in love.

24. See Rockefellar Christmas tree in December.

25. Volunteer.

26. See Coldplay live. (complete August 2012 | Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul MN)

27. Make pedaha without help.

28. Have Grandma+Grandpa to our home. (does Skyping count!?)

29. Ride a two-seater bike with Cory.

30. Get involved with a dog/vizsla organization.

31. Have a vizsla until I am an old lady and can’t take care of a dog anymore.

32. Publish a book of Lucy+Finley photos.

33. Tell Cory+Lucy+my children I love them every single day. (doing…)

34. Camp in our backyard with our kids.

35. Go to the Jimmy Fallon Show.

36. Get my business card into the hands of Zack Morris. (complete July 2012 – thanks michael!)

37. Sew a quilt.

38. Write/publish a children’s book.

39. Bike a century.

40. Give an amazing MOH speech at my sister’s wedding.

41. Make babies. (Made one so far! Finley Kathleen | 02.14.2013)

42. Visit Kim in Colorado with my baby. (complete August 2013 & January 2014)

43. Read more.

44. Go to SkyZone and jump until I can’t breath. (complete on 31st birthday, november 19 2013)

45. Go to Switzerland.

46. Go on vacation with my sister.

47. Love Lucy just as much after having kids. (sure do!!)

48. Vacation to Colorado with Cory, baby, (complete August 2013) and parents to visit the Bairds+Grundstroms.

49. See Garth Brooks in concert. (doing November 14, 2014!)

50. Ride a scary roller coaster. (I’m such a chicken on rides!)

51. Visit tallest building in the US: Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, Floor #103/Skydeck (complete September 2012)

finding where i belong.

5 thoughts on “in this life

  1. i saw in your plans you going to visit Switzerland sometime? if so, drop me a message we should meet for a coffee!

    Lovely Blog you have and sweet daughter! :))

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