week 36+37 | full term!

Guess. What. It’s February, people. That means we have officially entered the month our baby girl will join us in this world (well, most likely)! I’ve heard it’s a pretty awesome month to be born… πŸ™‚ It also means I am considered full term. FULL TERM! omg. Even though the end is in sight, it still doesn’t seem real-real. When I’m feeling really “normal” (i.e. In a position where it doesn’t feel like I swallowed a basketball), there is sometimes an extremely brief moment I forget that I am even pregnant. And, all along throughout pregnancy (obviously knowing the outcome at the end of those 40ish weeks is, in fact, a real baby), sometimes it just seems like you’ll be pregnant forever. And then, wham!, you are 37 weeks and you have to remind yourself that it really is going to happen… any-day-now-soon. The anticipation is killing me! As if I can decide or play a factor in when she arrives, I’ve already been contemplating when to start the natural forms of inducing labor (spicy food, walking, foot massage.. among other things). Conversations in my head have gone something like this:

“Probably should wait until after the child birth class on Saturday…”

“Or maybe do it before and I’ll go into labor while we are actually at the hospital [for the class]! How convenient!” (update: no such luck.)

“No no, maybe it should be after my doctor is back from vacation next week..”

“Or maybe it would best to wait until after my baby shower at work..”

And then I remember that this whole thing isn’t up to me. Pretty sure little miss kochendorfer will come when she wants to! I’m anxiously patiently waiting for some signs that will give me an mama’s inkling as to when it will happen though. Instead of focusing on the “scary” aspect of what’s to come (labor+delivery), I’m focusing on the “exciting” aspect and cannot wait!

In anticipation of the end being near, a few things I’ve been daydreaming about…

Gloriously laying flat on my stomach, utilizing my wardrobe again and all the fun shirts I haven’t been able to wear for months, sitting up without grunting, enjoying a delicious glass (or two) of red wine, buttoning (or zipping) my coat all the way up (especially in this freezing-ass weather!), sleeping (or is this just wishful thinking for the next few years??), whitening my teeth, s-u-s-h-i, sitting in a hot tub, and jumping on a trampoline. Ok, so those last couple aren’t things I do on a regular basis but when you know you can’t do something, that’s when you want to the most! So, I’ll find myself a hot tub and a trampoline (remember… Sky Zone…) just as soon as I can. πŸ™‚

I don’t know for sure, but I may have a mild case of nesting going on… maybe. I’ve organized a few [junk] drawers here and there, dusted the legs of the dining room chairs, and I also did all the “baby laundry”! It (baby laundry) was so much fun! The whole laundry room smelled like “baby”. (Because as a first time mama, why yes, of course I bought the baby detergent,Β Dreft.) Her clothes look so incredibly teeny+cute hanging in the closet.


I also have a little stockpile of baby goods to take with to the hospital all ready to go… (not shown, but was given the helpful tip to also bring a Boppy!)


My crafty mom has been busy again. She recently mailed me more goods that she whipped right up. A knit baby hat & matching leg warmers, a Boppy cover, and a crib sheet… Totally cute, right?! (It’s so fun having a mom who can do this kinda stuff! What will she make next…)


Lucy is always so willing to test things out before baby k just to make sure all is ok. Yeah, I know, such a sweet+caring big sis. The leg warmers have been approved!


Kind of a cute story that is totally a coincidence but I can pretend it’s not.. The other night, baby k wasn’t moving a ton so I was poking at her, asking her why she was so sleepy, trying to get her to move more (because if you’ve been pregnant, you know the worry it causes when the baby isn’t moving much, right!). I said out loud, “You aren’t moving because daddy’s not home, are you!” (Cory was at work) Awhile later, I heard music to my ears (the sound of Cory’s car pulling into the garage), and in walked Cory, home early from work (best feeling ever as a cop wife). And after he sat down and we started talking, baby k started kicking up a storm. No. lie. Cory thinks it’s because she’s going to be a daddy’s girl, obviously. That’s cool, that’s cool…. As long as she’s a mama’s girl too. πŸ™‚

The near future’s “baby” checklist:

1. Paint/finish rocking chair. (photos to come)

2. Finish ruler board for baby room. (photos to come)

3. Clean out car & install car seat.

4. Clean house.

5. Have baby.

(Not necessarily in that order.) πŸ™‚


full term!

As you can see, I’m rocking somewhat of an “outtie” belly button through my shirt.. I can’t quite pinpoint how I feel about this yet. When I’m in public, I kinda feel like I’m exposing something, almost like too much cleavage in a really low cut shirt. Anyone else feel that way when it happened to them??