first year favorites

As part of my infographic giveaway, I asked you to comment on the blog post with your favorite item used during the first year with your baby. I had so much fun reading each and every comment and even got a few ideas of new things to try the second time around! So, thank you to everyone who commented! Now it’s my turn to share my favorite things during the first year with Finley…


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1. HUMIDIFIER We run a humidifier in Finley’s room every night. Plus it plays different sounds (crickets, lullaby, heartbeat, white noise) to help baby sleep better.

2. FISHER-PRICE ROCK ‘N PLAY SLEEPER Finley slept in this for eight months (I had full intentions of getting her in her crib at six months but it didn’t happen)! I had it right next to my side of the bed. It was so nice to be able to just reach over and rock her if need be. Even better, in the newest “model”, there is a sound player to soothe baby.

3. SIPPY CUP WITH STRAW This is by far Finley’s favorite sippy cup! The straw is soft and has a ball at the end, so baby can get the liquid out from almost any angle.

4. ADEN & ANAIS BURP CLOTH/BIBS The. Best. Burp. Cloths. Ever. They are super soft and wash up so nicely. And because of the shape, they fit perfectly on your shoulder, plus has a snap so when baby is a little bigger, they work as awesome bibs that even cover baby’s shoulders! I always laugh because it looks like Finley is getting her haircut when she has the bib around her.

5. AVENT BOTTLES We lucked out and never had problems with bottles. Finley was able to use whatever we gave her, but we especially like the Avent ones. It only has one extra piece that you have to wash (a ring that seals the top to the bottle). Easy peasy.

6. PACIFIER CLIP I only had two different clips and put one on Finley every day (up until about 10 months when she’d pull it off), especially when she went to daycare. They are so nice, not only in the house, but when baby is in the carseat, because it’s THE WORST when he/she cries and you can’t find the pacifier (because if you have a baby, you know how pacifiers magically disappear into a black hole)! With the clip, you can just feel for that and know that the pacifier will be at the end of it.

7. JELLYCAT BLANKY I’m so excited that this has become Finley’s favorite blanky. (Cory will tell you that I forced it on her… sorta did…) She has it with her all the time and just loves it. So much nicer than her getting attached to and lugging around a giant, full-sized blanket. Plus, this one is super soft, super cute, and washes really nicely.

8. J.CREW BOOTIES Finley never wore shoes pretty much her entire first year. But these were nice to keep her little feet warm, plus they are adorable and come in lots of color combos.

9. BEANIE HATS Hats. Hats. Hats! I love me some hats. Especially when baby is teeny tiny. It’s nice to keep their little heads warm with a beanie hat. Check out the adorable hats I have for sale in my etsy shop! If you are a dog lover, you’ll love these. (and some awesome new, non-dog fabric is coming soon as well!)

10. BABY TOWEL Because babies are so darn cute in their little hooded towels!

11. SOPHIE THE GIRAFFE What baby doesn’t have one of these? Finley loves hers! In fact, we have three of them. One is still in the drawer that we’ll use brand new for baby #2 whenever that happens..

12. SOPHIE TEETHING RING Finley also loved the little Sophie teething ring when she first started grasping/holding things.

13. PUJ BABY BATH This thing was amazing. I struggled giving Finley a bath all the time, especially if I was alone with her. It’s so hard to hold them (slippery!). This fits perfectly into any regular bathroom sink and it’s shape and softness makes it really comfy for teeny babies. Finley never cried when she had a bath in this.

14. BOON GRASS DRIER Super functional and equally as attractive to have sitting out on your kitchen counter. Love this. (hint: works great for drying wine glasses too!)

15. HALO SLEEP SACK I’m one of those mommies who doesn’t pile blankets or anything in the crib with Finley. She’s always slept in a sleep sack. So nice to have the peace of mind while you know they are staying cozy too.

16. ADEN & ANIAS DREAM BLANKET I accidentally got this blanket on a whim. I thought I was getting the light weight swaddle blankets, but was so glad when it ended up being a bigger, heavier weight swaddle blanket. It’s the same material as the burp cloths and it’s my favorite blanket ever!

17. OXO HIGH CHAIR This is a little bit on the pricier side, but so worth it. I wanted something that actually was appealing to look at since it would be sitting out in our kitchen for a couple years. Plus, the “padding” is super easy to wipe down and you can remove the seat one to clean it easier and better. It also converts to a “stool” (comes with another pad for the seat) once your baby is big enough to use it that way.

18. HUGGIES WIPES Love the Huggies wipes. They are thicker and pull apart easier with one hand. I just found them to be nicer and easier to work with than other brands.

19. PAMPERS DIAPERS Diapers on the other hand, Pampers all the way! They are so soft and smell lovely. We’ve never had issues with leakage either.

in our closet.

Anyone else itching to purge your (& your baby’s!) entire wardrobe in order to make room for new, pretty spring pieces!? I literally have stacks of clothes ready to drop off at Goodwill. The warm sun (well, thoughts of it here in Minnesnowta…) and fresh air makes me want to ditch the big sweaters and long down jacket — NOW! Welcome to my life again, pretty white tops, maxi skirts, and sandals! I’ve already had moments of weakness excitement for spring and clicked “buy now” a couple times without looking back. (#onlineshoppingaddict) Here’s a peek at some of the new items in our closets…