infographic giveaway!

The day has arrived, lovelies! Head on over to my POPPY blog to enter for a chance to win a custom designed infographic for your bambino!




infographic giveaway [happening soon]!

Hey, all you lovely mommies with adorable babies, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my custom designed infographics! It will start this Friday, March 28 and run for one week, until a winner is chosen on Friday, April 4! Be sure to check back here on Friday to find out how to enter. You can see a sample of what the infographic looks like here or here. Don’t miss out on your chance to snag one of these for free!



infographic love

Wow. Wow. Wow. I am beyond excited & humbled by the outpouring of love for the one-year infographic I posted for Finley’s birthday. I’ve gotten so much interest in doing custom designs for people around the world. First off,  I definitely want to and am going to try with all I have to do custom orders for everyone interested! I just need to figure out the logistics of it all to ensure I can complete them, not only for each one of you, but also in a timely matter. So please bear with me for a little while longer! My hope/plan currently is to list the infographic as a product in my etsy shop as an easy way for anyone to place an order and communicate with me. I also plan to offer a mounted print or canvas of the artwork as an additional option to the digital file. I will reply back or email each one of you as soon as possible to get things rolling. In the meantime, I thought a blog post would be a good way to communicate quickly so people aren’t left hanging for long. 🙂 I have a few other ideas brewing in my head that I am excited about too… Stay tuned! And thank you, thank you, thank you for the love!! I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of Finley’s 1st birthday photo shoot…


happy birthday, baby!

It’s one of those moments in life when my feelings clash… like it was just yesterday that she was born, yet at the same time, it feels like forever ago! I will be saying the same thing on her 25th birthday, no doubt. (omg, I’ll be 55 then!) Regardless, I cannot believe my teeny-tiny-newborn-valentine-baby-girl is one year old today. More posts about my first year of raising a daughter, thoughts on being a mommy to a one year old, along with a first birthday party recap, will happen in the near future, but for now, an infographic in celebration of her big day! Happy Birthday, baby girl!

(Visit my etsy shop (or click on image!) to order your own infographic like this and more!)


finley | 02.14.2013

Finally, I’m back! I’ve been having thoughts of blogging for weeks now, but hadn’t found the creative juices (or energy… or time…) to sit down and get the job done until now. And what better time to do so than on my sweet daughter’s 1-month birthday! I always used to secretly chuckle about how [new] parents always go on and on about how they “cannot believe their baby is 1-month, 6-months, or a year old” — asking “where has the time gone”. Well, consider me guilty. It definitely is hard to believe she is already a month old! But it’s also one of those situations where it feels like forever ago that I was at the hospital in labor, yet it feels like just yesterday. I know, totally doesn’t make sense.

To kick off blogging again, I thought I’d fill it with a fun Finley infographic vs. a wordy post. In the near future, I will blog about my “birth story” and other thoughts+feelings+stories (+pictures!) of this wonderful world of motherhood…